Australian Made Prana Wheels®.

Sara is the owner and a teacher of Ocean Yoga. She grew up on the Gold Coast and has always lived a healthy lifestyle. She is currently working towards achieving a healthy 10-year yoga practice. Through her practice and teachings she is able to share her love for healthy living and to help you enjoy a fun yoga practice. Sara is a mother of two amazing children and a wonderful wife to her beautiful husband. Her passion for the sunshine and ocean shines through her practice.


Ocean Love Yoga classes are inspired by the Ocean. The way it flows and has the ability to be calm and nurturing yet harbors amazing strength and power. Throughout my teachings I combine my love for the ocean and what it has taught me. Classes involve moments that need strength and power but also make time to love, respect and nurture through breathing and stretching. Classes are taught with the emphasis to always listen to your body. No matter what environment the class always embraces a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Yoga is a powerful practice and we emphasize the importance of listening to your body through breath and movement while finding balance in life through yoga

Australian made Prana Wheels are created locally on the Gold Coast. Each wheel is hand crafted with love by Lee and Sara we are a husband and wife team that started creating these wheels after lee had made one for myself. The benefits I expirienced were fantastic and I wanted to spread this love with the yoga community in Australia. The intention is to open and expand therefore allowing prana to flow through the body. Prana Wheels were designed to assist your body in combination of breath and stretching to open and give freedom. By using the wheels in a daily practice you can potenially start to increase the flexiblity of your spine, shoulders, quads, hips and release tension in chest. The Prana Wheel not only starts to improve your backbends in yoga it allows you to open and increase the flow of prana to each Chakra. Chakras are energy centers located throughout your body, we have 7 major chakras and when they are all switched on and spinning your body is in optimun health. The Prana wheel assists in this process and we are very excited to share this with all of you.

"It's been 3 months since I started going to Sara's class and it quickly became part of my weekly routine. Sara's classes definitely helped me find balance on and off the mat in a relaxed and enjoyable environment."

- Claudie -   

Meet Our amazingly talented son Taj. Taj is 11 years old loves to surf and draw. Taj has created his own design especially for our Prana wheels and you can now have this inside a Prana Wheel. He will continue to bring new artwork designs so be sure to keep checking our shop for his latest!

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