About us and the creation of our Prana Wheels

Well this is my first blog not much of a writer but here we go. Firstly I am Sara a wife to my partner and soul mate Lee, mum of 2 gorgeous kiddies Taj and Bella and a yoga teacher. We have raised our groms so far here on the Tweed coast and have had a pretty sweet lifestyle surfing most days and always in the ocean living simply and happy. Teaching yoga for me is something i am very passionate about, I started teaching in 2010 and opened my own studio, Vinyasa Yoga Lounge in 2011 had a wonderful expirience but decided to close in 2014. I still teach and love it! but for me freedom keeps me sane and with lee working fly in fly out I wasnt getting the time we needed together as a family. This all directed us in a very different path and decided to follow our dreams and buy a sailing boat!

This was the very reason lee was working in the mines to save to eventually get on our boat and sail away. But as the universe does, it through us an opportunity we couldnt pass up. We bought our boat!!! Sailed her home and are now living on her! This all sounds like an incrediable lifestyle and yes i am so very grateful. But we have had alot of hard moments and times where we weren't sure if we were on the right path. It took us to be in a position of absolutely no money, to start looking outside the square on what to change. This is where our Prana Wheel journey began.

What happend when I started using my Yoga wheel was amazing and I wanted everyone to feel the way I did. I believed in this product so much I wanted yoga wheels readily available in Australia. "Hey what a great idea... this is what I could do sell yoga wheels" we laughed and I thought it was one of our many ideas, we quite often had random thoughts to start our own business but never did anything about it. It would then be a month later we were floating in our boat in the Tweed river when we thought we have to do something lets make this happen....we can share my stoke for our prana wheels all over Australia....So we started and together we have been challenged and so very proud of each other, we are growing both in our business and in ourselves. It's not been easy but we are hoping its all worth it!! Over the last month personally I have struggled to keep a float we have been dealt some pretty rough cards. But life isnt always easy but it definately is beautiful and as hard as it is sometimes I have so much to be grateful for. I will continue to learn and grow because one day I'll look back at it all and be super proud & smile. Until then we will keep creating and making our dreams reality and one day sail away.........namaste' Sara

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