Reasons to keep Rolling

Hey guys wanted to write a little something to inspire you all to keep rolling ;P

It's so easy to see a post of someone doing something inspirational on a Prana wheel and then deciding if you get one that you too can do that awesome pose!! But we all know to often our intensions are their but when it comes to actually using the Prana wheel that we bought, well its pretty safe to say most of us don't have time or can be bothered…Right?

Well its funny but true I have beautiful people in our workshops tell me this all the time so. 10 reasons to use your Prana Wheel

Reason 1. You will feel amazing….after you have a little stretch and roll I bet you wont regret having the taken the time

2. Rolling on a Prana wheel is like having a personal masseuse rubbing your body leaving it feeling relaxed and less stressed

3. Using the Prana wheel as a strengthening prop will give you buns of steel and upper body strength to be able to do at least 1 pushup yes I guarantee it and you can impress everyone with your new amounts of strength

4. Release tightness in your hamstrings and prevent cramping during strenuous activities such as golf or riding, running or sex

5. Improve the blood flow to your brain and important organs

6. Practice balancing incase you actually decide to live your childhood dreams and run away with the circus, you never know what the future holds

7. Simply lying on your Prana wheel with your legs in the air will not only feel great it will allow you to be still and relaxed and those with kids or animals it is an open invitation for then to lie on you and absorb some of your relaxedness

8. Bend without breaking ;) the support of your Prana wheel will help you with backbends so as you lie back trust the process and breathe always breathe

9. As beautiful as your Prana wheel is and as good as it looks next to the couch with the matching cushions..its better use is assisting you to move and stretch that beautiful body of yours, we made them durable so go get it and help your spine and body and use it!!!

10 Same as 1 YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING the more you use it the less it will feel like effort and the more it will feel like oh I haven't rolled today thats what I have to do and I’ll feel better ;)

Get rolling friends and you too will be a feeling good it no time

Have a beautiful Day

Sara xx

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