"After having kids my perfectly straight wonderful spine was curved the wrong way and was giving me major lower back & hip pain. After my beautiful Yogi Katie showed me her Prana wheel at yoga class I jumped on your website and purchased my very own. "Greg" as my wheel is now known opens my shoulders relieving tension of carrying my toddler around and lengthens my spine when ever I need it. The release of tension with even five minutes of rolling is far better than a week of 1hr massage sessions. Greg has changed my life and I am so grateful that your product is also child friendly as it has been rolled down the hall many a time in fun xxx"






"I love my Prana Wheel. I have scoliosis and had very limited flexibility in back bends. I've been using my wheel since July last year and I've noticed a massive improvement. Here's three pictures of me using my Prana Wheel to assist me to get up onto my forearms in a wheel pose, using my wheel and the wall for a supported headstand (only started working on a headstand two weeks ago and was shocked to realise I could do it (still working on technique away from the safety of the wall)) and finally, my favourite way to relax on my wheel in butterfly pose - a great hip and heart opener."

Thank you for my DVD! I've picked up so many tips and added a lot more poses to my rolling time. I love the inversion session the best. I've moved well away from the safety of the wall now in headstand and I'm no longer scared of falling over the wheel. xxx


Rachael S



Thanks to my amazing yoga teacher Darci Charli Dee that introduced me to the Prana Wheel, I didnt have any choice but to pamper myself a gift !! now I have my own Prana Wheel!!! 
It is perfect for my needs... it's open my shoulders and my heart!! heart emoticon I really want to go dipper and dipper into this fabulous tool !! 
I have been in one class of Prana Wheel and I can't wait for the next one !!!
it's the best gift I ever gave to myself and to my family ... yes I share it with my kids and my partner as well ... they love it !!
I feel so grateful ... thank you !!


Iris F



I bought a prana wheel from you at Evolve festival in Melbourne and so loving it - wanted to share with you this photo that my husband recently took of me and my youngest daughter Poppy (3) and one more for you smile emoticon Thanks for the fun together - not only does my 3 year old love it but my 8 year old daughter also loves to play with her wheel trying out different poses beside me (have to get a photo of the 8 year old with me. Thanks so much x





Sara and Lee from Ocean Love Yoga brought their amazing wheels to our studio and we had ball..(or wheel). Thank you for connecting with the keen yogis of bayside and sharing your knowledge, light and energy with us...see you soon I'm sure. x



Sanctuary Beaumaris - Yoga/pilates/fitness



Thankyou so much Sarah for going the extra mile to help out one disorganised hubby make his wife extremely happy on her birthday!!! Most amazing service ever! Will be so highly recommending!!!! 


Kylee S