Ocean yoga will guide you through a flow of postures and poses. Class will strengthen your muscles, build your internal energy and connect you to your thoughts. Classes involve moments that need strength and power while adding laughter and love.  Every class is taught with a smile, guided with love and will have a lighthearted approach.
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Prana Wheel® classes 

Classes using the Prana Wheel to open and expand and strengthen your body!




A little 15min Prana Wheel® Class to

  Open Heart and Shoulders

Prana Wheel® Class

Build Strength & stability

Prana Wheel® Class 

Hips & Hamstrings

Prana Wheel® Class


Beach Yoga   


These classes embrace the morning sun, while listening to the ocean waves crash along the shore. Classes will guide you through a series of poses, stretches and strengthening movements. All classes end with a relaxing meditative savasana while losing yourself within the ocean sounds. It is the perfect way to start your Saturday morning.


Meet at Rainbow Bay Beach - 7am Saturdays 


Class Cost - $10

Prana Wheel® Workshops

Specially Designed workshops to guide you through to using a Prana Wheel. For more information or the next workshop, head over to our workshop page.


Australian Studios


Cost - $45


For all enquires about hosting a workshop email sara@oceanloveyoga.com

"Sara is a natural teacher with a fun-loving spirit. She makes each class so enjoyable and fun and caters to each person's level of yoga. Since attending Sara's yoga classes, I feel more flexible, healthier and have more energy than ever before."   - Amber -