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Sailing Catalpa
Sailing Catalpa
Lyra on a Yacht
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Surfing Indonesia
Sailing Catalpa
sailing Catalpa
Sailing Family
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Prana wheel Teachers
Prana wheel workshop

Hi beautiful people I know you are probably on the page looking for a Prana wheel right??? Well we are no longer selling our much loved Prana wheels Why??? Well we sold everything to live our dream as a family and hope to inspire others along the way!!! So if you are still reading but are after a Prana wheel only click on BUY WHEELS and find a stockist near you and THANK YOU for loving our Wheels!!!!


We're excited to share with you our story. Our story that has taken us from a humble little family business on the Gold Coast to sailing the world on a Yacht to see our adventures and to get inspired to live outside of the box head to our website or YouTube Channel Sailing Catalpa to see our videos on travelling with a family on a boat! 


We are so grateful for the love and support from everyone in regards to Prana wheels! Ocean Love Yoga will continue and I will continue to create yoga videos and inspiration as we travel the globe so stay tuned and follow Ocean Love Yoga on Instagram and Facebook to see more...


Look forward to creating some more beautiful memories with you all soon....Namaste

If you need me I'll be here 

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Learn to embrace your scattered thoughts while going deep into a meditative state. With practice you will learn to connect your mind body and soul.


Yoga guides you through a series of movements that help build flexibility and strength. You will embrace your body and the positive energy that surrounds you.


By breathing and drawing your focus inwards you will strengthen your internal connection. Yoga helps you connect with your inner soul, it will take you "home".


The ocean harbours strength and power while the wave crashing along shore reminds us of a calming flow and constant change. I channel the inspiration of the ocean through my yoga classes.

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